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These pieces are composed between the years 2009 and 2013. The piece Semiromi was performed at Motahari Hall of Guilan University in 2009.
A year later and at the same Hall Bibar was performed.Showra Band performed Sar and 67 for the first time at Niavaran Concert Hall in year 2014.

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Tracks of this collection were made and recorded in during of two steps. Makhtoom that is a duet between Tar and Kamancheh consist of three parts ( episode ) and has taken utmost time of the collection, was made and recorded at Bell studio in 2011. Panjah-o-Haft and Takhteh Band are another tracks that were made for Iranian Ensemble with a character in terms of sounding and get formed in Showra Band, was recorded in Kangan studio in 2012.